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Your Landlord or Letting Agent MUST put your rent deposit into a Government backed scheme, within 30 days of receiving the deposit.

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We can carry out a free confidential check on all Government Registered Schemes on your behalf on existing and old deposits in minutes with basic information provided by you.

The Law

Your Landlord or Letting Agent MUST put your deposit into a Government backed scheme, within 30 days of receiving the deposit, These rules apply if you rent or have rented your home on a Shorthold Tenancy Agreement.

Protecting Your Rights

Seeking Legal advice and or representation can be daunting and stressful when making a claim for compensation. We continue to fight for your right to receive access to justice. Our specialist solicitors are there for you every step of your legal journey.

Is My Deposit Protected?

The Housing Act 2004 requires landlords and letting agents to protect deposits on assured shorthold tenancies.
If your Tenancy Deposit is not protected then you could claim compensation.

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“Thank you to a great team for checking all my tenancy agreements and to see if they were protected they have said i have a valid case.”

“My deposit wasn’t protected thanks to Tenancy Deposit Claim they kindly looked after me and managed to get all my deposits returned. Thank you so much.”

“Renting a property is a stressful experience and not knowing if your deposit is protected or not the team found out that my deposit is protected but it was done late so they are helping me now .”

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If you have an unprotected Tenancy Agreement then you can claim compensation

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